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Angelina Kharrat

Angelina has worked with Ms. Amanda since 2018

About Angelina

My name is Angelina Kharrat, and I am a junior at Troy High School in California, USA. Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about music, especifically singing. In the summer of 2018, on a trip to Lebanon, I wanted to add Oriental music to my repertoire and learn to blend it with American music. I was fortunate to attend Ecole Des Talents Amanda El Hachem. I got the opportunity to train directly with Ms. Amanda, a renowned Lebanese artist with a huge heart, a majestic voice and a compelling passion for music and the arts. I only took classes for six weeks, but now I am excited to be able to continue my journey with the academy virtually.

A Parent’s Perspective

Amanda has built herself a sanctuary for developing the artist in each and every child. She carefully and full heartedly selects her family of teachers. At L’Ecole Des Talents Amanda Al Hachem, you’ll find a great atmosphere and a fun, nurturing environment. My daughter as well as my nieces and nephew enjoy taking an array of lessons in vocal, instrumental & visual arts.

Helen Kharrat

A Parent’s Perspective

Nathalie Chalhoub

All my 3 kids attended classes at Ecole Des Talents Amanda El Hachem.

I had been struggling to keep my elder daughter enthusiastic about learning the violin . We had gone through lots of private tutors & had tried many music schools until we discovered Ecole Des Talents Amanda El Hachem. Here, they supported, encouraged & identified her weaknesses but made her see them as benefits. Today, Luccia can play the violin even though it is a tough instrument to learn.

Jozee on the other hand is a shy timid child and it takes her time to relax and get comfortable around people. She had two different piano teachers at the school and both did a great job in part thanks to the guidance and direction they receive from Ms. Amanda. With time, Jozee became more confident and started identifying any musical piece she was given. They both had a blast when they participated in the end of year concert. It was their first experience, but definitely a successful and memorable one!

As for Josef, he attended Music Introduction classes which was something he enjoyed a lot and he constantly told me how he wishes he could go to that class more frequently. The kids listen to different sounds & create instruments from home utensils. By the end of the year he could identify all sounds which to him translated to music and beats. He is now able to identify the notes just by listening to the sound of music. He hears his sister play the piano and he is able to play it on his own. He has been waiting patiently to start an instrument since he was so taken by everything he saw & heard while attending his classes and watching his sisters develop their talents.

It is sad for such a wonderful school to be struggling! I found it hard to find a place where there is continuity and creativity directed by a passionate artist/musician who knows what the kids need especially in today’s world and its struggles.

Wishing you the best and thanking you for all you do for our little ones.

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"No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music” -Billy Joel

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